Over the past few years I’ve been exploring my obsession with books, making art for exhibition and standalone artist’s books for anyone to enjoy.

I’ve been lucky to work as part of the group Collective Investigations alongside Egidija Čiricaitė and George Cullen and to exhibit in some amazing venues. My books are owned by several prestigious collections including The Tate, The Victoria and Albert Museum and Chelsea College Special Collection.

I hope you enjoy the artwork.

Artists Books

My creative practice tends to fall into two categories: stand-alone artist’s books, and often site-specific work created for exhibition.

The artist’s books usually take the form of publications which can be enjoyed in their own and many use the structure of the book to create a deeper meaning. These works are often narrative based and on real, everyday events, or play on existing text.

Over the past few years there have been several trends in the work, from striking out text to create new text, to using QR (scannable barcodes) codes that can link to additional online content. You may also notice that Virginia Woolf makes an appearance from time to time.

Featured work includes:

The Unassuming Collection / Paperback £7 , Pamphlet £5

Lives and Books / for sale – £5

Lives and Books - Page Detail. Image © Chris Gibson
Lives and Books – Page Detail. Image © Chris Gibson

Mrs. Dalloway Variations / for sale – £4

Mrs Dalloway Variations book 2 - detail.
Mrs Dalloway Variations book 2 – detail.

The Good Reader: Between the Lines / for sale – £5

Between the Lines Interior
Between the Lines Interior

The Temporal Guide / not for sale

Temporal Guide - Exterior
Temporal Guide – Exterior

Goethe’s Divan for Divination / Paperback £7

Art and Exhibitions

I have exhibited widely and often enjoy making work that is site specific. One such project is Daily Miracles, created for Leeds College of Art.


Book as Communicator: Life in the Folds, Carlos Amorales

‘Life in the Folds’ is an installation that seems to be filled with objects from an alien culture. Comprised of video, sculptural objects, works on paper and a publication, the common thread that links these pieces are strange glyphs, which appear to be a form of language. The installation seems to be a hybrid between …

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