Over the past few years I’ve been exploring my obsession with books, making art for exhibition and standalone artist’s books for anyone to enjoy.

I’ve been lucky to work as part of the group Collective Investigations alongside Egidija Čiricaitė and George Cullen and to exhibit in some amazing venues. My books are owned by several prestigious collections including The Tate, The Victoria and Albert Museum and Chelsea College Special Collection.

I hope you enjoy the artwork.

Daily Miracles

‘Daily Miracles’ was commissioned by Leeds College of Art as part of its Library Interventions series and is an artwork designed to bridge the college’s two distinct libraries. The work comprises two sets of six books (one set for each library) which together tell a simple story about the place, incorporating details about the surrounding books and features of the library itself. The books are spread across the collection (prompting the viewer to make a journey through the space) and include references to real details draw their attention to where they are – both in terms of their physical location and also within the larger institution of the library.

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The Temporal Guide

‘The Temporal Guide’ is a story that takes place in the Science Museum. It follows two visitors who travel through the building and through its history gallery-by-gallery.

Artist’s statement: “I had the idea to make an alternative ‘guide’ to the museum after seeing some old photographs showing familiar spaces housing very different objects. I thought it would be interesting to give life to these images and to paint a picture of the museum as a dynamic, living place.”

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The Good Reader: Between the Lines

In Stock – £5

‘Between the Lines’ could be seen as an unconventional guide to Paris. The book is made up of brief texts on left-hand pages, where the artist describes personal encounters that took place in specific parts of the city. On right-hand pages are cool, clipped descriptions of the same location taken from travel guides. The real fragmented memories become a story; an unfolding tale of two people in a landscape. The real city lies somewhere between the two descriptions; hidden between the lines.

‘Between the Lines’ is one of several books from the series ‘The Good Reader’, curated by the artist Sharon Kivland for Ma Bibliothèque. Each book is an artists’ own imaginative response to the act of reading. This book has subsequently become part of the Tate’s book art collection.

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The Unassuming Collection

In Stock – £5

‘The Unassuming Collection’ is an immersive poem set in a library that unfolds gently over thirty pages. Each right-hand page contains a striking image taken from an existing book and each left-hand page features a line of text and a QR code. When the QR code is scanned (using any barcode reading app) the reader is taken to the complete book that the image was taken from. In effect ‘The Unassuming Collection’ is a library within a book, each line a departure point for a new experience. The books that make up this ‘library’ relate to the text of the poem, creating an interesting collection.

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