Art and Exhibitions

Many of Chris Gibson’s artworks are site-specific and designed to be encountered by chance. The artworks usually take the book form and use storytelling as a way of making a connection between the artist and the reader/viewer.

Below are a selection of works:

This Journey is a Book

‘This Journey is a Book’ is a site-specific artwork made for Peckham Library, comprised of ten books (or chapters) scattered right across the library’s collection. Each chapter has the name of the book that it sits next to on the shelf and when read together the books take the reader on a journey across the breadth of the library. [more]

The Journey is a Book - Exhibition Detail
The Journey is a Book – Exhibition Detail


‘Convergences’ is a short, but densely layered book-work that was commissioned by the artist Sharon Kivland as a part of Leeds College of Art’s ‘Library Interventions’ series. [more]

Convergences Pile of Books
Convergences Pile of Books

The Hesitant Visitor

‘The Hesitant Visitor’ was created to be experienced as part of an evening of performance at Senate House Library entitled ‘Reading as Art: Turning the Pages of Victorian Psychology’. The artwork is comprised of three leaflets, which are named after one of the library’s beautiful reading rooms and a character from history that is related to Victorian Psychology. [more]

The Hesitant Visitor - Palaeography - Open on Surface
The Hesitant Visitor – Palaeography – Open on Surface

Daily Miracles

‘Daily Miracles’ was commissioned by Leeds College of Art as part of its Library Interventions series and is an artwork designed to bridge the college’s two distinct libraries. The work comprises two sets of six books (one set for each library) which together tell a simple story about the place, incorporating details about the surrounding books and features of the library itself. [more]

Daily Miracles - Stack of Three Books
Daily Miracles

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