Book as Communicator: Life in the Folds, Carlos Amorales

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‘Life in the Folds’ is an installation that seems to be filled with objects from an alien culture. Comprised of video, sculptural objects, works on paper and a publication, the common thread that links these pieces are strange glyphs, which appear to be a form of language.

The installation seems to be a hybrid between a traditional contemporary art exhibition and a museological display, as if we are seeing artefacts from a very different culture than our own.

The glyphs are represented in sculpture, as works on paper and in a newspaper-like publication. Without the newspaper, we might assume that the shapes are pictorial, but the conventions of the publication (from its structure, to its materials and layout), would lead us to believe that they are characters and a form of language.

An artwork like this needs time to sink in, and the pile of publications lying at the entrance to the gallery may be an invitation for us to sit down, paper in hand and immerse ourselves in the work.

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