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Book Becomes Book is a unique, digital artists’ book created specifically to be read on the Kindle. It is a fun and thoughtful read which takes the form of a poetic narrative that uses the features of the ebook reader to bring the story to life in an imaginative way.

Book Becomes Book - Interior Image on Kindle
Book Becomes Book – Interior Image on Kindle

The artwork was originally created as an artistic experiment, and was so popular that I made available for a wider audience.

Reader Reviews

“This is a beautiful work, playing between the possibilities of the kindle and it’s book ancestor- embracing the screen and exploring the page….”

– Amazon User Review

“Easily as beautiful as a physical book. Oddly moving and incredibly engaging narrative. Great to see someone playing with the idea of what an (e)book can be.”

– Amazon User Review

“A nice reminder on my Kindle of what art is and can do, and what we need books for.”

– Amazon User Review
Book Becomes Book - Interior Image on Kindle
Book Becomes Book – Interior Image on Kindle

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‘Goethe’s Divan for Divination’ is a playful artwork which takes a selection of Goethe’s romantic and colourful poems and makes them suitable for divination.

The book work was originally made for exhibition as part of a group show in Düsseldorf which responded to the work of famous poets, investigating them from a different angle. Goethe’s poetry (and psychically the ‘Divan’) has often been inspired by the work of the Persian poet Hafez, a writer who’s books are frequently used for bibliomancy (divining the future).

Goethe Divan for Divination - Interior Page Spread
Goethe Divan for Divination – Interior Page Spread

The book is intended to be a light-hearted introduction to Geothe’s poetry and includes the original annotations from Alexander Rogers’ 1890 translation.

Goethe is not an author I knew particularly well, so the exhibition provided a great excuse to get to know the work better. I particularly loved the connection between Goethe and Hafez, so wanted to draw a creative parallel between them. I hope you enjoy the experience of happening upon particular poems and discovering Goethe’s poems afresh.

– Chris
Goethe's Divan for Divination - Book Face Down
Goethe’s Divan for Divination – Book Face Down
Goethe's Divan for Divination - Double Page Spread
Goethe’s Divan for Divination – Double Page Spread

The current edition of ‘Goethe’s Divan for Divination’ is a paperback. An earlier pamphlet edition is also available from the shop and is featured below.

‘Goethe’s Divan for Divination’pamphlet edition – Cover
‘Goethe’s Divan for Divination’pamphlet edition – Interior.
‘Goethe’s Divan for Divination’pamphlet edition – Interior Spread

‘The Temporal Guide’ is a story that takes place in the Science Museum. It follows two visitors who travel through the building and through its history gallery-by-gallery.

The Temporal Guide - Interior Spread
The Temporal Guide – Interior Spread

“I had the idea to make an alternative ‘guide’ to the museum after seeing some old photographs showing familiar spaces housing very different objects. I thought it would be interesting to give life to these images and to paint a picture of the museum as a dynamic, living place.”

– Chris
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‘Lives and Books’ was created for ‘An Inventory of Al-Mutanabbi Street’ – a fascinating international project founded in response to the car bombing of a notable street in Iraq that happened on 5th March 2007.

Al-Mutanabbi Street (named after the celebrated Iraqi poet) was a street of booksellers and an intellectual hub – the intention of the project was to invite artists to create new books, to reassemble some of those lost books in a symbolic way.

Lives and Books Interior Detail
Detail of first two pages. Image © Chris Gibson.

‘Lives and Books’ is a green, A6, pamphlet-style book featuring lines of crossed out text that leave single exposed to create a poem, a poem which draws parallels between the flow of our lives and the experience of reading.

“I was intrigued to submit a book to ‘An Inventory of Al-Mutanabbi Street’ as the idea of symbolically replacing the lost collection seemed like a thoughtful response to such a brutal act. I didn’t want the book to be overtly political, as it is impossible for me to understand the day-to-day experience of someone immersed in such conflict, so I focussed on more universal idea of reading and how each of our lives might mirror the experience of reading.”

– Chris
Lives and Books - Page Detail. Image © Chris Gibson
Lives and Books – Page Detail. Image © Chris Gibson

Specification: A6 pamphlet, 16 pages, full-colour. Unsigned, unlimited edition. 2013.