Welcome to Chris Gibson Art

I am an artist based in London and I make contemporary art in a wide range of media. Many of my artworks take the form of books or use books and literature as a starting point and I am particularly interested in those quiet, everyday experiences that we all share – the small things that happen in life that often define our character.

This site is home to my artists books (the works of art I have made that are in book form), my other art projects and a blog of inspiring book-related artworks by other artists.

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Artists Books

My artist’s books are often narrative based and on real, everyday events, or play on existing text. Over the past few years there have been several trends in the work, from striking out text to create new narratives, to using QR (scannable barcodes) codes that can link to additional online content. You may also notice that Virginia Woolf makes an appearance from time to time!

Art and Exhibitions

I have exhibited nationally and internationally and my work is in several prominent collections.

Artistic Inspiration – Blog

Blog featuring artworks by other artists exploring similar themes and ideas.

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