Welcome to Chris Gibson Art

I am an artist based in London and I make contemporary art in a wide range of media. Many of my artworks take the form of books or use books and literature as a starting point and I am particularly interested in those quiet, everyday experiences that we all share – the small things that happen in life that often define our character.

This site is home to my artists books (the works of art I have made that are in book form), my other art projects and a blog of inspiring book-related artworks by other artists.

If you’d like to keep up to date with my practice, feel free to sign-up to my newsletter and be sure to pop back from time to time.

  • Book as Reference: The Immaterial Legacy at MACBA
    'The Immaterial Legacy' was an eclectic exhibition held at MACBA, Barcelona between May 2014 to June 2015 which presented artworks from the museum's collection alongside cultural artefacts from the period (such as music, film, advertising) in order to provide a historical context for the art.
  • Book as Element: Various Book Works, Michelle Stuart
    Michelle Stuart, various works. Image credit: Chris Gibson, 2018 Stuart's beautiful sculptures look as if they have been excavated from the ground. The folded concrete from some building site, the stacked dusty-brown layers from a desert floor. Michelle Stuart, 'Afriqya Night Chant' 1983. Image credit: Chris Gibson, … Read more
  • Book as Communicator: Life in the Folds, Carlos Amorales
    'Life in the Folds' is an installation that seems to be filled with objects from an alien culture. Comprised of video, sculptural objects, works on paper and a publication, the common thread that links these pieces are strange glyphs, which appear to be a form of language. The installation seems to be a hybrid between … Read more
  • Book as Domestic Object: Bread Encyclopedia, Maria Lai
    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="3156"] Maria Lai, Bread Encyclopaedia. Artwork detail. If Lai's work weren't safely behind glass, one might expect the aroma of baking to fill the gallery. 'Bread Encyclopedia', as the name would suggest, is comprised of a series of books, bound in bread. Each volume is lettered and tied with a string, as … Read more
  • Book as Medium: E.I. CTY1, Anthony Cairns
    Anthony Cairns, 'EI CTY1', 2018 – Exhibition View. Documentation © Chris Gibson, 2018. From a distance Anthony Cairns’ photographs look like small paper negatives suspended between thick panes of glass. The black and white images feature glimpses of cityscapes; fluorescent lights, architectural lines, empty urban spaces. These anonymous-looking places could be … Read more